The Best Nightlife in Orange County

Most people think of Los Angeles when it comes to having a little late night fun, but the best nightlife in Orange County is just as fun and a lot closer! We have chosen a few places for you that have never steered us wrong and that cater to a wide variety of preferences.


The BrewHouse in San Juan Capistrano

Although The BrewHouse closes at 11 on Friday and Saturday, we still thought it should make the list because it is perfect for beer lovers and has a middle to high energy level depending on the night. We love that because starting the night off at a dance club puts you at an eleven on a scale of one to ten and that gets exhausting fast.


Some of the best nightlife in Orange County starts here, with 30 beers on tap and an extensive selection from ciders all the way up to double IPA’s and stouts. As with any good brewery, they leave the food side of things to the experts and invite high-quality food trucks that know how to make food that plays well with beer. You can usually just tell them what you’re drinking, and they’ll pick something that enhances the flavor of the beer you’re having and the food!


One other feature that they offer is the awesome board games that they have. For some reason, putting “you sunk my battleship!” and a nice saison together just works!

best nightlife in Orange County

Knuckleheads in San Clemente

Knuckleheads makes our list of the best nightlife in Orange County for an important reason, locals frequent it but aren’t going to treat you as an outsider. One of the main drawbacks to the local bars is the locals only feel you can get when going in, kind of like going to the wrong area of the beach and getting chased out by surfers. They don’t do that here.


Knuckleheads is the dive bar that you always hoped for. It keeps that reputation with strong drinks, two pool tables, and good vibes. They have a nice patio area for the smokers that gets pretty rowdy as well. The best thing that you would not expect in a dive bar is that the food is fantastic!


Taking a look at the menu, you would think it’s just your typical bar food, but they actually but a lot of thought into making this food stand out from every other bar. I’m not a chef, so I can’t speak to what they do, but the Pulled Pork Nachos have a chipotle dust on them, and it tastes incredible. You won’t find a dive bar in a 20-mile radius that can top Knuckleheads, guaranteed!

best nightlife in Orange County

Luxe Restaurant and Martini Bar

Luxe may be another early closing location, but it is perfect for a celebration or an evening that screams for a little classiness. The best nightlife in Orange County doesn’t have to include dance floors because when you’re having a killer time everywhere is a good place to dance! Luxe is the place to be for mouthwatering Italian and Mediterranean food and stiff martinis.

Our favorite martinis include the Serrano Lemon Drop which has a great balance of hot and sweet and the Blueberry Twist Martini. Pair this up with their Mediterranean Sampler or Cheese Plate with your friends, or have the Braised Ribs while you enjoy the company on a nice date. You can have an incredible and well-rounded evening all in one location!


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Fun Activities for The Whole Family in Orange County


There are so many options for adults to enjoy in South Orange County, but what about fun activities for the whole family? We’ve come up with a few places that both the kids and the adults we know (including our families) enjoy locally. Since we service a wide area, we’ll give you some for San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, and Dana Point!


The Mission in San Juan Capistrano

When you’re a kid, a Mission may not be the most exciting thing to see. Luckily, you’re an adult and can cater anything to your child’s likes and dislikes! The Mission in San Juan Capistrano is known as “the jewel” because of the beautiful layout and vibrant colors the diverse flower collections.


If you have a kid who likes bugs, take them to the flowers and watch the bees pollinate the garden. If bugs aren’t their thing, they also have a beautiful koi pond plus the area is frequented by hummingbirds and butterflies as well. A perfect time to go is in March when the Swallows migrate back to South OC.


Not to mention the actual tour itself. You can go rogue and wander around, or pick up a recorded guided tour and learn at your own pace. Either way is great, and if your kids are at all interested in history, this is the way to go.


Del Mar Street in San Clemente

As far as fun activities for the whole family go, Avenida Del Mar in downtown San Clemente is incredibly diverse. There are boutiques, art galleries, cafés, wine bars, restaurants of all types, designer stores and more shopping than you can do in one day! With all of these options, everyone can find something that interests them and the whole family can share the experience together.


A few of our favorite fun activities for the whole family include shopping for athletic wear at Killer Dana, looking for things for the kids at Petite Bonhomme, eating sushi at Del Mar Sushi, or checking out high-end fashion at Angel Wings boutique. The list could be endless, but if you want to experience all it has to offer, clear your day and bring the whole family down.


Doheny State Beach in Dana Point

If you don’t know Doheny State Beach as one of the fun activities for the whole family, then you don’t know all that it has to offer. The beach is, of course, an attraction in itself, but the cool things around it make it really exciting. There is Baby Beach, Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari, and the Catalina Express!


Baby beach got its name because the waters are peaceful and non-threatening for even the youngest of children. Captain Dave’s is a super fun activity for the whole family. You are best off going between December through April to see whales, but you may get lucky from May to November and spot the enormous Blue Whales. You are also likely to see seals, dolphins, and even sharks during the two and a half journey!


The Catalina Express comes all the way to Dana Point, but it takes you out of the area so it may not necessarily qualify as an activity in South OC, but we included it since it’s easily accessible locally. Catalina has a wealth of activities of its own to explore.


Last but not least, we had to mention Doheny Days. The concerts on the beach are terrific, and you’re surrounded by the beach, it’s a win/win!


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The Ultimate Bucket List for Living in Orange County

Southern California, and Orange County specifically, is the ideal place for endless activities and entertainment. Whether you’re new to the O.C. scene or you’ve lived here your whole life, make sure you check off each of these items on the ultimate bucket list for living in Orange County and get the ideal southern California experience.

Pay a visit to Disneyland AND Knott’s Berry Farm

These two iconic amusement parks offer hours of entertainment. As soon as you go once, you’ll never want to leave. Make sure to try the Dole Whip at Disneyland and the chicken dinner and boysenberry pie at Knott’s. Don’t miss the Main Street Electrical Parade and Disneyland Fireworks, and make a point to visit Knott’s during the Halloween season for Knott’s Scary Farm.

Rent a Duffy boat

Cruise around Newport Harbor in style with a trip on one of the iconic Duffy boats. Get a group of friends together to pitch in for a two-hour trip and a couple bottles of your favorite southern California wine. Don’t forget to check Groupon for a deal on one of these fun water cruises!

Watch the sunset at Laguna Beach

There are many reasons why California is so popular, and the stunning sunsets are not an exception. Find a spot on one of the picturesque rocks at Thousand Steps Beach or bring a towel and a picnic basket to enjoy the incredible orange and pink colored skies over the Pacific Ocean. Watching the sunset is the perfect way to end a relaxing day at the beach or spend a romantic evening with your significant other.

Take a surfing lesson in Huntington Beach

There’s a reason the US Open of Surfing is held at Huntington Beach every year. At any given point in the day, surfers line the horizon of the Pacific Ocean. If you choose not to learn to surf yourself, you can at least watch the talented surfers ride the waves by the famous Huntington Beach Pier.

Watch the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

Each holiday season, view the spectacle that is 250 decorated boats parade around the Newport Harbor. Each boat is adorned with dazzling lights and Christmas-themed decorations, and a visit to the parade will not disappoint.

Watch a Ducks game

This exciting team guarantees an entertaining night out, complete with cold beers and ice rink fights. A playoffs game is even more of a bonus, as the crowd is that much rowdier and the energy in the Honda Center is unbeatable. Check out the season schedule and buy your ticket today!

Take a drive down PCH

The famed Pacific Coast Highway makes an appearance in countless songs and movies for a reason. The coastline-filled drive rings of classic, 1960s California and the views are breathtaking. Turn on the Beach Boys soundtrack and enjoy the views as you cruise down Highway 1.

Spend a day at the OC Fair

And don’t forget to indulge in deep-fried food, cold beers, and countless rides on the traditional carnival rides. Take a chance at the popular fair games in the hopes of winning an oversized stuffed animal!

Visit Mission San Juan Capistrano

This historic landmark is a must-see for anyone living in Orange County. This famous mission offers history tours and is a great place for sightseeing. In October, don’t forget to visit as the sun goes down and take the ghost tour of the “haunted” Los Rios St.

Hike to the Top of the World

This steep hike pays off with breathtaking views of the California coastline. Visit on a clear day to see the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific, gorgeous hillside mansions along the coast, as well as a chance to spot Catalina Island.

While there are countless other famous locations and activities to check off your Orange County bucket list, make a point to complete each one on this list. And give us a call today for more information about things to do in Orange County!

San Clemente Weekend Activities

San Clemente is a charming town in the heart of South Orange County that is known for the rich culture and popular surfing community. San Clemente has a number of attractions and fun things to do, so we have created a weekend guide of great activities to help you explore all San Clemente has to offer!

San Clemente Farmer’s Market

                Head to downtown on Sunday mornings from 9 am- 1 pm for the amazing Farmer’s Market in San Clemente. You can find locals typically bike or walk to the market and fill their bags and baskets with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers. The vendors also sell things like exotic plants, honey, salsa, bread and much more! No need to cook a big brunch on Sunday mornings, just head down to the Farmer’s Market for all the food you’ll need.

San Onofre State Beach

                This extremely popular beach is perfectly located in between San Clemente and Oceanside, making it apart of both Orange County and San Diego County. The San Onofre State Beach is a destination surf spot for many. The best surfing points on the beach are at Surf Beach and Trestles Beach which are both located in the North end of the state beach. Here locals and visitors can also take surf lessons or rent water equipment. There are various campgrounds around the beach where people can spend a night under the stars if they wish. Visitors can also bring dogs to the beach.

San Clemente Pier

The pier is a great spot for fishing during the day, and an evening stroll in the evening. The sunsets on the pier are like no other, and it’s a great place to bring the whole family. At the entry to the pier there are numerous fantastic restaurants such as the Pier Restaurant and Bar as well as the Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar. The pier is open from 4 am- 12 am. The beach at the pier offers a wide range of activities with barbeque grills, playgrounds, fire pits, volleyball courts, picnic benches, concession stands and more!

Outlets at San Clemente

                In need of a little shopping? The Outlets at San Clemente are the ultimate destination for all your retail therapy desires. This shopping center is Orange County’s only coastal outlet shopping, so you can look at beautiful views while getting great deals! The outlets include over 55 stores and options for men, women, teens and children! The outlets also offer a number of great restaurant and eating stops to satisfy the appetite you’ll work up from shopping!

Reel to Reef Charter Tour

                If you have a free Saturday morning, and don’t mind waking up a little early, a great activity offered in San Clemente are the boat tours! You can find a number of boat tours for whale watching and such, but the Reel to Reef Charters will take two or three people out for a private, hands-on fishing experience.

Del Mar Street

                One of the most common, and entertaining, activities on the weekends is to stroll Del Mar Street in downtown San Clemente. The street is extremely charming and lined with cute boutiques and fantastic restaurants. Can decide where to eat? Just walk along the street until something catches your eye- it shouldn’t take too long… The shops along Del Mar Street are local and quaint. You can find a lot of art shops as well as many surf-related shops.


To learn more about San Clemente, or to look at what’s on the market in the area, contact one of our team members today! We can help you find the perfect home in a location that’s right for your family!

Best Dessert Spots in South Orange County

Calling those with a sweet tooth! Some of the best dessert spots in Orange County are located in local towns like San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point! Whether they’re spots you’ve heard of or not, all five of these great dessert destinations should be on your list of things to do over the next few months! After reading about them though, you might want to try all of them right now!


Southswell Hand Dipped Ice Cream

The first stop on your dessert tour of South Orange County should be Southswell Hand-Dipped Ice Cream in San Clemente! This unique dessert shop has only been open for a few months, but is already gaining a lot of popularity because its special approach to serving ice cream. Customers have the option between a variety of ice cream bars on a stick or a variety of ice cream floats. The ice cream bars, however are not your basic vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate… A fan favorite at the shop is called The Parent Trap which is vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, topped with Oreo cookies and peanut butter.


The Hive and Co.

Easy to miss, the Hive and Co is a small, boutique dessert stop in Dana Point! The bright yellow building is covered in green ivy, and the organic dessert choices are all amazing! The menu offers gluten free and dairy free options for customers to choose from. The main items on the menu are a variety of flavors of popsicles and ice cream sandwiches! Our personal favorites are the peanut butter cookie sandwich and the cookies and cream popsicle!


Sugar Blossom Bake Shop

            The Sugar Blossom Bake Shop in San Clemente is a great place to use for events or weddings! This bake shop offers signature treats that are perfect for large groups of people. They offer nine types of decadent cupcakes, customizable cakes, nine types of tasty cookies, well-known signature cinnamon rolls and gluten free brownie bites for those at your event with an allergy! This bake shop is used and loved by residents all over Orange County!



Home to the most popular Italian Ice across the country, Rita’s is a great spot to get a light treat after a big dinner. Rita’s offers a wide range of great Italian ice flavors as well as cream ice, gelati, misto shakes, frozen custard, blendinis, sugar-free Italian ice and even milkshakes! Rita’s is refreshing and tasty- certainly a stop on the dessert tour!


Lolli & Pops

Perfect for a classy birthday gift or thank you gift, Lolli & Pops is a great destination for an upscale dessert experience. Customers can choose from a wide assortment of different gift boxes, packages and treats. Any of their products pair great with a nice bottle of wine to bring to dinner parties or as host gifts! Our personal favorite from Lolli & Pops are the cookie butter truffles!


South Orange County is filled with more great hidden gems and fun food places! To learn more about the area, and the different cities in South Orange County get in touch with one of our agents today!


Things to Do in Dana Point

A quaint boating community, Dana Point is home to ocean lovers and boating enthusiasts alike. This fitness-loving community spends much of its time catching the waves on one of the nearby beaches or hiking one of the city’s trails to see breathtaking views of the area’s coastal bluffs lining the Pacific Ocean.

The friendly, involved residents take advantage of the unbeatable events happening around this coastal city year-round. From annual wine and music festivals to farmer’s markets and harbor cruises, there is never a shortage of fun things to do in Dana Point.

Year-Round Activities in Dana Point

Throughout the year, make a visit to the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort and enjoy aiming for a hole-in-one at one of the Top 100 Golf Resorts in the world. This championship golf course overlooks the Pacific Ocean and features rolling hills on an 18-hole golf course.

Hop aboard a luxury catamaran for an incredible trip around Dana Point Harbor, complete with wine tastings from a local winery and a platter of delicious cheese, crackers, and fruit. The Orange County Wine Cruise offers a romantic trip around the harbor with incredible views. Guests who sign up online will receive a free bottle of wine to enjoy either during the 90-minute cruise or after the voyage has returned.

Spend your Saturday mornings strolling through the Dana Point Farmer’s Market in La Plaza Park. Choose fresh, organic produce from dozens of nearby vendors and browse through products brought by Dana Point businesses and arts & crafts vendors.

Each day, breathe into downward dog with the Dana Point yoga community as they enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Lantern Bay Park. iHeartYoga in the Park occurs at least once a day and is a donation-based class offered to all participants, including the occasional pup. Relax with the Dana Point yoga community and enjoy the city’s outdoors!

Special Events in Dana Point

In early Spring, vie for the chance to see a pod of whales migrating north for the summer at the Festival of Whales in Dana Point Harbor. The city of Dana Point celebrates this event with their Annual Street Fair, which offers food, entertainment, and an arts and crafts show supplied by over 100 local vendors.

Sabroso Craft Beer, Taco, and Music Festival has now been relocated to Doheny State Beach in Dana Point. Local residents take to the beach to hear heavy-metal mariachi bands while sipping on local brews and trying tasty tacos. With a ticket to this festival comes unlimited, complimentary beer tastings and the opportunity to try popular eats from local food trucks. Don’t miss out on this unique food and music festival happening each spring at Dana Point!

The Annual California Wine Festival in Dana Point offers wine, music, sea, and sun each spring. This event offers fine wines from over 35 California wineries for 600 enthusiastic guests. Get your tickets early to this popular event, because they go fast!

Each Independence Day, celebrate with the Dana Point community by making the trip to Doheny State Beach to view the annual fireworks show! Tune your radio to KSBR 88.5FM to enjoy a synchronized musical score accompanying the captivating light show. This event is something the whole family can take part in and enjoy.

The running-lovers of Dana Point gather each November for the annual Turkey Trot, known as one of America’s “most scenic runs.” This event offers a 10K, a 5K, and a kids run, all overlooking the beautiful local beaches, coves, and cliffs of the Southern California coastline. Don’t miss the famous tall ship Pilgrim as you run past the Dana Point Harbor!

During the holiday season, get in the Christmas spirit with the Annual Boat Parade of Lights happening around the Dana Point Harbor. Residents take to multiple locations to watch this popular parade; from along the waterfront at the Harbor, inside one of the cozy restaurants lining the bay, or even on one of the boats participating in the parade! This festive event occurs every December and is a favorite among residents and visitors alike.

Dana Point is unlike any community in the country. With incredible views from nearly anywhere you go in the city, to unending entertainment and activities offered at one of the city’s popular beaches or parks, the Dana Point community has something for the whole family to enjoy, no matter the time of year. For any further questions about community life in Dana Point, contact The Reed Team today!

Dining Guide to South Orange County

Whether you’re brunching on the weekend, out for lunch with the ladies or planning a fancy dinner, South Orange County has some of the best restaurants to meet your every craving, desire and atmosphere. There are so many fantastic restaurants that sometimes it can be hard to choose just one! We have tried to help guide you by picking out some of our favorite spots in the area! Some of which are just minutes away from current listings on our site!


South of Nick’s Mexican Kitchen + Bar

One of many popular Nick’s restaurants in the Orange County area, South of Nick’s in San Clemente holds its own charm and character compared to some of Nick’s other restaurants in the area. If you’re looking for great Mexican food in San Clemente book a reservation at Nick’s today! It’s a great place to go with a big group because the appetizers are large and the atmosphere is friendly. Large parties usually opt for the pork or vegetable empanadas as a starter, then pick off each other’s plates when everyone’s tasty entrees arrive. Some crowd favorites at South of Nick’s are the Bacon Wrapped Sonoran Dogs and the Filete Ranchero.


Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar

Craving scrumptious seafood? Take a stroll down to The Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar on the San Clemente Pier! The Fisherman’s flies in the freshest seafood daily to ensure you are getting top of the line cuisine! The restaurant is also a great place to go after work for drinks! They offer a sunset happy hour with discounted drinks and a view of the sunset you won’t want to miss! The Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar has any type of fish you can imagine from a bucket of steamed mussels to a king crab sandwich! The prices are reasonable and the food is certainly delicious!


Ellie’s Table at North Beach

Morning person? If you need that extra kick of caffeine or bite of a muffin to wake you up then head down to Ellie’s Table at North Beach! This cute and quaint café on the coast in San Clemente is a local favorite! Their motto “where happiness is made” certainly shines through in every bite of their warm, flaky croissants and fluffly quiches. The food is homemade daily, so it feels just like your mother’s kitchen cooking. Ellie’s table also caters if you want their pastries delivered to a brunch or work meeting.


Salt Creek Grille

With a mesquite-inspired menu to die for, the Salt Creek Grille in Dana Point is never a bad choice! Although the restaurant has two locations in Orange County, we prefer the one in Dana Point because of the stunning outdoor seating, and the proximity to the coastline. The patio is so large that it is frequently rented out for wedding receptions and large events! The Salt Creek Grille pride themselves on their outstanding “scratch cooking,” and the variety of options they offer. Some of our favorites include the Citrus Glazed Jumbo Shrimp and the Mesquite Grilled Baby Back Ribs! Frequent diners are also invited to join the Grille Club which is a rewards membership for the restaurant, and being a part of it can earn you special discounts and private events!


Café Mimosa

Known as the ultimate brunch spot in San Clemente, Café Mimosa prides itself on the wide variety of tasty cocktails and juices they offer as well as the hefty breakfast dishes. Grab a classic mimosa and sit on the enclosed patio or the tight indoor seating! Café Mimosa is a great place to dine at and a great place to people watch on Sundays when the Farmer’s Market fills the streets of San Clemente! One of the most popular breakfast items is the Chorizo Scramble, but if you’re leaning more towards lunch then we definitely recommend the Mimosa Burger which is packed with white cheddar, boston lettuce, tomatoes and grainy mustard aioli!


The Loft

One of the best, hidden gems in all of Orange County, The Loft is a fine dining restaurant enclosed in The Montage Hotel in Laguna. You’ll have a tough time deciding when to dine because The Montage offers an assortment of seven menus: Brunch, Breakfast, AM Dessert, Lunch, Dinner, Bistro and PM Dessert. Our favorite time to eat at The Loft is for brunch, because the views of the coastline are unbeatable and the cocktails never hurt anyone either! The blood orange mimosa pairs perfectly with the seafood cocktail starter and apple and mascarpone crepes to satisfy that sweet tooth craving. Reservations at The Loft fill up quickly so call today to try this delightful dining experience for yourself!



Last but not least, the ever instagrammable Slapfish is a necessity on our dining guide! With locations in Brea, Irvine, Laguna, Newport Beach, San Clemente and Huntington Beach there are plenty of opportunities to get your seafood fix! A few of their menu items like the Clobster Grilled Cheese stuffed with gooey cheese and fresh crab, or the Lobster Breakfast Taco filled with Maine lobster, avocado, eggs, mozzarella, bacon and red peppers speak for themselves. To get the best impression of Slapfish head to their Instagram @slapfish.


Orange County is a great place to find great food, and is also a fantastic area to reside in! To look at homes in Orange County or to speak with one of our team members, give us a call today!



Top 5 Workouts in Orange County

Summer is around the corner and what better place to work on your beach body than in one of the most beautiful beach cities in Orange County, San Clemente! Explore everything from high intensity cycling classes to meditative hot yoga practice. Skip the boring gym elliptical and join one of the many fitness families waiting to begin this journey with you.

  • CycleBarn San Clemente

Trade your beach cruiser for an indoor cycling bike and join the fitness revolution. A full forty-five minutes of fat-burning cycling and choreography will leave you sore yet satisfied. You and your fitness family will move, shake, and motivate each other as your transform your body and life! Inspirational instructors and a fun variety of classes will keep your spirits high and your heart rate even higher.

372 Camino De Estrella, San Clemente, CA 92672

Studio open Monday through Sunday with classes ranging from 7:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Learn more about the studio here.

  • Crossfit San Clemente

A workout a day keeps the doctor away and at Crossfit San Clemente every day is a different and dynamic workout. The WOD or Workout of the Day can range from endurance to strength or a combination of the two. No prior Crossfit experience? No problem, Crossfit San Clemente has a five-to-one couch-to-member ratio in all of their classes to ensure your comfort and safety. The CrossFit San Clemente staff is comprised of professional coaches with certifications including CF-L1, CF-L2, CF Endurance, USAW, POSE, CF Barbell, CF Olympic Lifting, CF Gymnastics, USAT, USATF, FMS, and ISSA. So whether you’re a Crossfit expert or completely new to the sport they’ve got you covered.

79 Via Pico Plaza, San Clemente, CA 92672

Studio open Monday through Saturday with classes ranging from 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Free introductory class

Learn more about the studio here.

  • AsanaFit San Clemente

Workout your physical health and work on your mental health with a stress cleansing hot yoga class at AsanaFit. The studio offers hot classes to strategically to maximize the purification and detoxification of your body by maintaining 105-degree heat and 40% humidity, helping you to achieve the workout you need and the serenity you deserve. They also offer cool classes to help exploration and transformation through expressive healing arts You will push yourself to new depths with the balanced blend of static postures, dynamic flows, and vinyasa movements connected to breath.

102 S Ola Vista, San Clemente, CA 92672

Studio open Monday through Sunday with classes ranging from 5:45 AM to 8:30 PM

Learn more about the studio here. 

  • Orange Theory Fitness San Clemente

If awakening your spirit isn’t in your workout regimen then let science do the work. Orange Theory Fitness San Clemente is a unique training program backed by the science of Excess Post-Experience Oxygen Consumption. Classes are designed to help members burn an estimated 500 to 1,000 calories in one sixty-minute class, but it doesn’t stop there. Due to the heart rate monitored training members can keep burning calories for up to 36 hours after class. The program targets metabolism stimulation and increases energy with upbeat music and motivational trainers to help you along the way.

802 Avenida Pico, San Clemente, CA 92672

Studio open Monday through Sunday with class times ranging from 5:00 AM to 7:15 PM

Free introductory class

Learn more about the studio here.

  • Pure Barre San Clemente

With 375 studios open across the country Pure Barre’s incredible results aren’t just limited to San Clemente. The Pure Barre family is so large for a reason as people from coast to coast are joining together for a killer total body workout. Utilizing the ballet barre to execute graceful routines of small, isometric movements proven is burn fat, sculpt muscles, and create long, lean physiques. Each class if full of empowered women finding the strength in themselves and encouraging it in each other.

1041 Avenida Pico a, San Clemente, CA 92673

Studio open Monday through Sunday with class times ranging from 6:00 AM to 6:45 PM

1st month of unlimited class for just $99

Learn more about the studio here.
If it does not challenge you it will not change you. Enjoy the challenge with these engaging classes and savor the positive changes they make for your mental and physical health.